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Hemer is a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The school, Europaschule am Friedenspark – Gesamtschule der Stadt Hemer was founded in 2009 resulting from reorganizing the educational system in Hemer. It is the largest secondary school in Hemer with about 1000 students and 90 teachers. Students from 10 to 19 years attend our school. The majority of our students leave the school after year 10 with a GCSE qualification, about 60 students of each year group continue attending our school to do their A-levels. The approximate size of class is 30 students.

However, in inclusive classes we have fewer pupils. These classes are especially for children with special needs. In Europaschule am Friedenspark there are also children with foreign origin. The biggest group are the children with a Turkish background. Our students and teachers are motivated in developing their knowledge and skills in combining ICT and other school subjects. We have 3 computer labs and students in the future will have Itlessons starting from year 5. Our students are eager to learn and would like to see how ICT learning is performed in other countries and learn from their experience. To teach our students ecological and environmentally friendly behaviour our students are often taken outside to observe and explore the nature in various subjects and extracurricular activities. We also have a school garden developed and taken care of by our students for recreational purposes and a small garden with herbs and fruits. With the prize money from an energy saving competition trees were planted in our school yard. Furthermore, the school participated in a Comenius project on protecting insects in which insect hotels were built and put up in the school gardens. Our school‘s aim is to protect the environment by saving energy and avoiding waste. We encourage our students to pay attention to their ecological footprint by switching off the light, seperating waste, avoiding plastic, using reusable containers etc. Moreover, on most of our buildings there are solar panels. Ecological issues are continuously discussed in various subjects. The school itself is situated in a mostly rural area surrounded by fields and forests; nearby there are various water reservoirs which present recreational areas. The teachers mostly involved in the project will be a work group created for this project. In addition science and technology teachers will support the team led by the project‘s coordinator. Key persons have been involved in several successful international school projects before. There are also other teachers who are interested and are able to take the work over if needed. Next to the project work in different classes we will establish a project group with the participating students from different grades which will be especially involved in the project and prepare the project tasks.

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