Radom – Poland

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Our school is a Public Primary School no 2 under the name of Hans Christian Andersen in Radom. There are 554 students at the age of 6-15 at our school.
53 teachers of different specialization including speech therapist, psychologist and educationalist teach here. The mission of our school is to create self-relient people, creative, open to contact with other cultures.
We put emphasis not only on developing basic skills but also on new technologies. Our school has well-equipped classrooms (interactive boards, projectors, computers and the Internet connection). Students use modern software in the classroom. They have robotics classes using Lego Mindstorm blocks during which they learn programming, building, and testing solutions for implementing technology and robotics.We organize campaigns promoting health, reading, human rights, tolerance.Students implement various educational projects, including ecological and health education.

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